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Anonymous asked: I am looking for a witch to cast a satanic cock possession spell can you cast a spell for me.

Your cock possessions stories are really getting annoying and juvenile. And I will probably never waste precious times and tokens to cast a spell for you.

-Pater Malefactor

Ye feeble sons of Adam, hear me !
Hear my words for they shall be buried in your heart as the truth unveiled itself to your ignorant eyes !
See above the pillar of creation, given to god unto you, yet driven by Satan H I M S E L F !!! For the desire of Lust is not of god, for the is no life without the sin of Lust, for there is no life given on earth without the impulse of Satan within your dick !!! Satan gave you lust to become more than animals. LOVE IS A SIN. PROCREATION IS A SIN. DO NOT GIVE LIFE IF THIS LIFE IS NOT MEANT TO TAKE MANY OTHERS IN DEATH. KILL. RAPE. TORTURE. SODOMIZE. ALL FOR THE GLORY OF SATAN, FOR IF THESE DESIRES BURST INTO YOUR HEART, IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT OF THE ABRAHAMIC LINEAGE BUT OF CAIN’S BLOODTHIRSTY RACE !!! THOSE OF THE SERPENT’S SEED INJECTED INTO EVE !!!

-Pater Malefactor

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Pagan Rites


Any other bitches out there feeling crafty tonight?


Fuck Jesus for lent

Now THIS is what I call crucifix masturbation, true desecration of holy objects, truly getting the body of christ deep inside of you. I hope He’ll shed tears for your sins, and that none of you shall shed anything but your cum !


Taylor Momsen

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Some ego masturbation

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Profanate your body

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Anonymous asked: Well, it sure looks like you know nothing about satanism your devotion is nothing but your own fantasy, you know nothing about corruption as far as Satan goes. About demonic possession, this is a tool he uses and it is real as a big dick is ! As of you I think you should study more about satanism before you put your foot into your mouth. By the way witches do summon demonic possession and oh ya of course penis possession if you even have a penis ha,ha,ha.

Okay, great arguments. Now I wait for you to point what’s wrong about what I say. Just saying that one form of (theistic) satanism is wrong is a wrong vision about it. There is no laws or limits in satanism. If I want to force people to go into what their mind has identified as “sin”, to literally lead them into worst realms than just sex, what is so “wrong” about it ? Sex is the first step, I hope you do sink a needle in your arm next and die from an overdose if you want me to be honest. 
I could show you my library, and my personal written thoughts about satanism, but I highly doubt that any of you are worthy to truly sit below the Master’s wings. 

When it comes to my penis, let me tell you that the 8 inched beast is very well, thanks.

-Pater Malefactor

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Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth

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