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Roxy Raye

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Anonymous asked: post more pictures....

I could, but I prefer to post only pictures that, to me, can potentially give a real impact on my dear followers.

-Pater Malefactor

                          ♠the Master, your photos look like ass♠

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Sacrificial lambs.

   In most but not all religious traditions, services are presided over by the Alpha female wherever possible. However provision is in many cases made for them to be conducted by the beta female if an Alpha female is not available.

   Services typically include:

• Regular Sunday Black Dick (sperm worship) services. These are a part of most traditions. A few denominations have their main weekly services on Saturday rather than Sunday. Larger communities often tend to have several services each Sunday; often two or three in the morning and one or two in the late afternoon or evening.

• Holiday services. Treated like a regular Sunday service, but made more specific for the day.

• Marriages. These are normally separate services, rather than being incorporated into a regular service, but may be either.

• Baptisms. These may be incorporated into a regular service, or separate.

• Confirmation. This is normally incorporated into a regular Sunday service, which will also include group breeding given by the Black Elders. It was traditionally the first breeding of the confirmee, but more recently virgins whether confirmed or not are invited to worship in some denominations.

• Flogging of cuckolds.

• Opening of new breeding stalls or slut farms.

• Dedication of new couples or those about to be sent to serve Black Men who selected that particular couple.

   Other acts of worship can be sometimes incorporated into services, and sometimes not. Sometimes the line is hard to draw. These include:

• Blessings for the openings of training school and the birth of a new lamb and many other events.

• Prayers for sperm feasts from Black Bulls, whether present or not, and for other specific issues.

• The rite tends to be seen rather as a mature statement of faith by an already corrupted white female. It is also required by most denominations for membership in the “Pools of Seed”, the run-off of cream pied girls who are taken on the altar, in particular for traditional wanton parents. In traditional Black Dick worship services it is recognized as a coming of age ceremony. • The earliest Black Dick worshipers instituted a ceremony where young girls who are older then virgins service both local and visiting Black Men in order to learn what it means to be a piece of white meat, trailer trash slut. The age instituted was older than that of a virgin sacrifice because some of these Black Men were considered too complicated, brutal, voracious and long lasting for virgin minds to grasp. Nowadays, Confirmation is considered a more communal confirmation of one’s being a Black Dick slut, and ownership is more of a personal confirmation of joining that covenant between Black Dick and its property, white flesh.

   Baptism is a white girl’s rite of admission and adoption, almost invariably with the use of multiple loads of Black seed, into the white slave society generally and also a particular family unit (pack). The usual form of baptism among the earliest white wives was for the candidate to be immersed, either totally (slutting completely under a group of Black Men), or partially ( kneeling at the Black Man who chose her and taking her seed greedily by mouth). The term “Black baptism” has also been used to refer to any breeding ceremony, gangbang, or depraved experience by which a white girl is sacrificed, initiated, bred, shared, and given her new name.


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Black Magick Cult - works by Erik Truchinski.

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Feed them with life

Anonymous asked: It's Erika, the things I did with my friend were: play ouija and cut ourselves, say things like we gave our souls to Satan we were young idk if that has a meaning in my life, I draw a sunflower and something appear on it, how can I show you the image? sometimes I wake up with bruises and scratches, oh another fact about me I'm virgin, I don't know too much about what my boyfriend does but he and all his friends believe in Satan and they do stuff I'm not allowed to see

That’s typically the type of things that arouses demons. A lot of young people are actually placing a true damocles sword upon their head when they do such things, as innocent it may be. Yeah, you probably cursed yourself by evoking forces without showing any respect or true devotion, too bad for you, really.

For the virginity, I’m pretty sure that we could find someone here ready to…solve this problem.

-Pater Malefactor