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Burning sulphur in her veins


Yeah . .  this happens sometimes in my videos … come see me play on www.razorcandi.com ;)

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"When it comes to the late Mr LaVey and his organization, it is the opinion of no less than every Anti-cosmic and traditional Satanist that LaVey and his ”church” has nothing to do with real Satanism. Their ”role-play Satanism” is nothing but ordinary atheism spiced with some pseudo-occultism and weird fancy dresses. It’s not enough to dress up in black clothing wearing a pentagram around your neck to be able to call yourself a Satanist. Satanism is the tool of the sinister elite for reaching the liberation of the spirit/the black flame (making it immortal) and is not to be defiled by apathetic scum. True Satanism is about constantly representing and acting like the physical manifestations of the dark gods, and through the way we lead our lives act as dark portals and bringers of change, evolution/revolution and Chaos." - Noxifer, TOBL

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Anonymous asked: I think you are a fake and a dork ! The porn on your website is too good for a dork like you ! I think if everyone knew the truth about you they wouldn`t visit your website except for the porn only ! Have a nice day DORK !

Then un-anon yourself and I’ll see if I know you and if you can claim any sort of right to call myself a “dork”. But anyway, just calling me a “fake and dork” is not knowing me for sure. All the people who know me in real life know that I am not that random internet satanist, and that my views on life are rather radical. But anyway ! Anon insulting people is always a proof that you’re saying truth and deranging things, thus, I can only take that as a compliment. Keep on hating, monkey.

-Pater Malefactor

Anonymous asked: Do you believe in demonic possession, lust and sex with witches. Can witches summon demonic penis possession for immoral sex ? I know if you want witches can summon spirits , can you summon a demonic penis possession for your lord Satan ? Show your true devotions to Satan and do this for him.

How ridiculous this question really is ?
I already answered about demonic possession. I am not going to repeat myself.
Satan is much more hungry for souls getting corrupted and this world being destroyed to the core rather than your pathetic “penis possession” stories. How many time am I going to say that ? This blog show satanism through sex because you fools are too animalistic when it comes to sex and you cannot restrain your pulsions and this it is the easiest way to corrupt your soul through internet. This whole blog, is the fruit of my devotion, it do not exist to satisfy any of your fantaisies contrary to what you all think.

-Pater Malefactor

Let’s make one thing very clear

We are not about rebelling against god and christianity because it “caused so much evil in history it sucks so bad fuck religion ok”, but purely, and simply because WE ARE GOD’S ENEMIES. It goes deeper than simple teenage angst rebellion, if we see a cross, we do not spit on it because we despise the Bible’s rules, but because we belong to darkness and evil, and because it pleases us to perform blasphemies AND cause harm (physically, mentaly or spiritualy) to the world and beyond for Satan’s glory.

So, if you do not agree we that, maybe you’re not at the right place, maybe you should join this tons of pathetic pseudo-satanic blogs owned by hipsters and laveyan, and eventually, maybe you should question yourself about why I waste my precious time writting this kind of things.

-Pater Malefactor

Behold now the fall of Christ !


From Slow Torture Puke Chamber by L.Valentine.


Anal fisting nun. Follow Jesus.

Hail the rites of Sodom !


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