usernamebob12 asked: I want to be a sissy shemale with big tits and huge ass nd get fucked by satanist and have spells put on me and be used only as a sex object all for lord satan. I want him to put his unholy seed in me


-Pater Malefactor

   Chris felt the oozing sperm making its way towards his slutty mouth. The metal on each slut’s openings made a slight tingle when the two sets of lips met and danced. Her clit challenged Chris’s tongue. Cheryl’s drenched pussy made his mouth wetter and more in need of her sweet aromatic treasure. The more he licked, the more of the last Black Man she fucked ran through her mind. She tried hard to make Chris’ tongue repeat the fine art of fucking performed just a few minutes recent. She didn’t know his name nor did he know hers. It is about worshiping the orgasm they made animal for. Chris could feel the chill from the slab still on the back of her uniform. Her flesh was glowing white hot. And she needed to soon return to her duties, and the legions of swimmers she wanted to take. 

   Excerpt from “Candy stripers’ clean-up bitch”


Sister Martha


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Orgy of the dead: Ed Wood (1965)

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Anonymous asked: Will you fuck me and treat me like a whore all in the name of lord satan?

Only if I can truly vehiculate something worthy from that. I mean, if you have a weak soul, I would just spit on you and let the jaws of Samaël devour souls that truly deserve to end in His fangs.
Apart from that, I couldn’t fuck anybody like a “decent” person. Except to be treated like a whore and nothing else with me.

-Pater Malefactor

Chelsea Marlo, January 2014

Erik Truchinski

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Here is the offering for the sacred whore.

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Receive the gift of the Lorde

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The Scarlet Woman