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Anonymous asked: It's Erika, the things I did with my friend were: play ouija and cut ourselves, say things like we gave our souls to Satan we were young idk if that has a meaning in my life, I draw a sunflower and something appear on it, how can I show you the image? sometimes I wake up with bruises and scratches, oh another fact about me I'm virgin, I don't know too much about what my boyfriend does but he and all his friends believe in Satan and they do stuff I'm not allowed to see

That’s typically the type of things that arouses demons. A lot of young people are actually placing a true damocles sword upon their head when they do such things, as innocent it may be. Yeah, you probably cursed yourself by evoking forces without showing any respect or true devotion, too bad for you, really.

For the virginity, I’m pretty sure that we could find someone here ready to…solve this problem.

-Pater Malefactor

Anonymous asked: Hello, my name is Erika I'm Mexican so sorry for the bad english. I don't know how to explain this, I'm "catholic" but when I was 11 I did Satanic stuff with a friend then I became atheist then I became catholic and now idk what's happening with me, I see shadows and I hear voices I try to ignore them. My actual boyfriend is in a satanic cult so when I talked to him about the things I've been through he said Baphomet was possessing me or something called incubus, It's a long story whatcha think?

First of all, the Baphomet is much more a symbol than a definite entity, even if you can barely identify him to Satan on a few aspects. Basically, the Baphomet represents the transformation of the Magus into another and higher being, with a higher conscious. Incubus do not truly possesses people, yet their…desires can be litteraly vehiculed through humans (sudden hyper sexuality for example). 

Without being too curious, what have you done exactly ? Because what you’re talking about is either schizophrenia, or you’ve really fucked something up a few years ago if any demon is after you. Same, I’m interested to know what your boyfriend is into in this so called satanic cult ?

Apart from that I hope that if you have a demon after you, he’ll get you in the end and drown your soul in darkness.

-Pater Malefactor

Anonymous asked: I read your reply to my confession of the 30th of May. It is true, I would not have visited your blog if there was no porn. I know it is wrong, sinful and blasphemous to masturbate to the pictures you post but I can not help it. I love to masturbate and I love porn, the dirtier and more blasphemous the better. You say you use lust to catch sinners like a spider uses its web to catch flies, I am caught in your web and will go to hell but I cannot escape your web. I'll be back again and again.

This is pure and simple logic when you understand the true nature of the human mind. All the people saying I tell bullshit are hypocrites, because I openly say that yes, porn attracts people to this website, yet these people would like to claim that they came here without any perverted nor lustful intentions. No, I like to search for hot nuns sucking cocks, but without any sexual idea behind that ! But again, it’s a part of the human mind as well, to always keep control about when they may think, to not let the possibility to think that they’re manipulated, in one way or another, by someone else.

-Pater Malefactor

   Gather round, you twisted little freaks of nature, gather round.

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Anonymous asked: i confess that everything you said are truely madly deeply true nothing but the truth
i therefore confess to be loyal and worship a lusty nun

Whatever, as long as your soul still infected with Evil like an apple infested of maggots.

-Pater Malefactor

Anonymous asked: This page is nothing more than a sex blog for people to masturbate to evil images, which I like however god doesn't exist and neither do any more satanic ideals that you are trying to push. Your the only evil one here Peter, stop trying to push your sick agenda.

Pater, not Peter…
And no, I must spread the disease.

-Pater Malefactor

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(via filth-inquisitor)

Anonymous asked: lmao, in reply to your apparent conviction that masturbation is sin, energy/ chi is like 90 % sexual. it isn't a sin to jerk off... especially to nuns having sex. in fact, it just makes it more religiously creative b'cos catholics have this weird belief that sex is a sin against God... that's what I don't get about satanism... it tries to make itself look so 'cool' by bashing god, when really the stuff they do to so called 'go against god' is actually in divine order...

Before trying to explain things that any person involved in esoterism knows, you should get a few informations of the purpose of this blog that I said many times : I use the symbol of “sin” to make people feel guilty, to ruin their hope in “god”, to use this thing that they identify in their mind as “wrong” and lead them on the path of damnation. Most people have a christian background, this is why I use the monotheistic codes to manipulate their spirit, AND PEOPLE KNOW IT AND DO NOT CARE OR FAINT TO BELIEVE THAT WHAT I DO HERE IS VERY SERIOUS. But there is definetaly a repercution on their soul, consciously or not, and if it doesn’t, it just feed a bit more the hatred casted in the world upon the three monotheistic religions. 
There is nothing cool about Satanism. It is dangerous yet liberating for the few ones who are truly able to embrace it. The rest will just fuck up their brain and their life and probably die in indifference and complete misery.

Understand that this blog have absolutely nothing to do with other pseudo “satanic sex” blogs all over tumblr. Here is brainwashing, not entertainement for your pants.

-Pater Malefactor

Anonymous asked: I do confess that I visit your site and sin by masturbating. To see nuns doing things they should not be doing, fucking and sucking cock is a turn-on. As a Catholic I should condemn you and your site but I have no willpower not to visit, pull out my cock and jerk-off. Sinful as your site is difficult to stay away.

The next step is to actually understand the power of Satan over your soul. Unlike all these wankers only thinking about the sexual side of it, just realize it. I use lust to catch you like a spider uses its web to catch flies. Would you have come there if there were no porn ? Of course not. But sex is tempting, and no one, not even christians can resist to Sin. You know it’s wrong, you certainly know how blasphemous it is to jerk your little prick on these pictures, but you still do it, pushed but an uncontrollable desire that is even beyond what you can understand. Abandon all hopes, ye who enter here.

-Pater Malefactor

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I have a black soul and i am satanist, fuck god fuck jesus fuck the holy ghost .HAIL SATAN and his demons

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